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Parbatee S. Jagassar, Ph.D. - President & Founder, JusNano Inc.

''Clive and I have worked together on many projects. Clive is an artsitic genius, who is dependable and very professional. He gets it, and gets the job done."


Chandrika Tandon - Grammy nominated artist, humanitarian & business leader

"... a wonderful artist and human being who i am privileged to work with. Thank you for helping create a work of art and beauty..."


Beila Neuhaus - Fauxever Florals  

''Clive - It's perfect!  And we LOVE it. You always manage to take our vision and bring it out better than we imagined!''

Jon Swan - Communica

''Clive is one of the best Creative Directors I’ve worked with. He combines a wealth of marketing, communication and branding experience with a detail-oriented approach and a very unique design sense. Clive’s beautiful, distinctive work far exceeded my expectations. I would recommend him to anyone looking to stand out in the crowd."


Robin Joy Riggsbee - Owner, RJS Designs LLC

“I have had the privilege to work with Clive Jacobson on several projects, from presentation books, to website to branding work. It is rare when you find someone who truly gets who you are, and can then express it for you through graphic design. His eye is impeccable and his level of taste is unmatched. He is the most talented designer and artist I have worked with and look forward to working with him on many more projects in the future.”


Howard Jacobs - The Amsterdam

''Fantastic identity design project backed by smart strategy and excellent development process. Very savvy and creative resource. Will use again. Highly recommended."

Stephen Berner - New Business Development & Communications Strategy   

''After a lengthy and thorough search for a visual designer to assist me in rebranding my employers company, I luckily happened upon Clive Jacobson.

   Clive has a great portfolio, and a wealth of experience in creating smart, compelling and memorable logo’s, as well as web sites - and so, with Clive selected as the creative lead, we worked together in satisfying a series of communication challenges.
   Through delivering this project, I learned that Clive is: talented as hell, patient as the day is long, has a great sense of humor and brings a careers worth of hi-level experience to bear on a marketing and communications challenge. Even when mired in the often frustrating minutiae of tweaks and refinements, Clive stayed on point, and patiently guided us to the best solution, accommodating our specific needs all the while.
   Hoping that the opportunity presents itself again, I’d gladly work with Clive on another project, given his talent, approach, process and wonderful attitude – I’d be silly not to. I can wholeheartedly recommend Clive Jacobson: a good person, a talented designer and a skilled collaborator to anyone looking for top shelf creative talent with a flair for “smart".


Lisa A. Leigh - Owner, Lisa Leigh Cosmetics

''Clive Jacobson is a sublimely creative website developer. He is a man of exceptional talent and integrity. His designs are elegant, sophisticated and inventive. I have many times recommended him and will continue to do so for friends and clients who need distinguished, high quality design work."


Elizabeth Watt - Photographer, Educator

''Clive has been instrumental in creating identities, promotional materials and websites for three businesses I’ve launched over the years. As a fellow creative professional I appreciate his sophisticated level of intelligence, artistry and attention to detail. His willingness to collaborate and his passion for his work have always made the process totally enjoyable. I feel so fortunate to have been wrapped up in his 'packaging’’s helped my business stand out amidst all the clutter that’s out there.”


Mary Domowicz - Principal & Perceptionist at Thought Warrior, Previously Director of Design and Digital Art/ New York University

''Clive is an accomplished communicator with the ability to inspire. His student evaluations were consistently high, acknowledging his affable personality and skillful structuring of material for presentation. His award-winning reputation and attentiveness to his students fostered enrollment in his courses."


Fahmi Quadir - Safkhet Capital

''I decided to hire Clive because of his experience and approach to branding. I have no regrets. I gave him very little artistic direction. All I let him know were the themes I wanted to capture. He thoughtfully crafted a number of designs, and then permutations of those designs. Clive took the time to walk me through all of them and explain to me how they all differed. My choice was obvious - in fact it was Clive's own favorite. Clive worked to perfect my choice and I'm incredibly pleased. It's a stunning visual representation of my business and my ideals. I look forward to working with him on other projects in the future."

Evan Schwartzberg - Co-Founder, Odeon Capial Group

“We have been working with Clive since our inception in late 2008. We wanted a brand identity that would work well in all graphic presentations. He developed an identity that continues to expand to all media. Odeon has grown from 4 to 60 — and we love it. “ 


Devin Wicker - CEO, Bonwick Capital Partners    

“The final product all around was of tremendous quality. The logo and branding work was quite unique and very thoughtful- plus the website has a nice clean feel to it and suited our needs perfectly.”


Andrew DiLauro - Passepartout, LLC 

“Transparency is very key for me because most of the stuff out there is not, and I really liked your ideas of how to express them - Brilliant. One more thing - your enthusiasm has really been great and you have not held back on ideas. Others I have been working with withhold a little, I presume in an effort to get more work. Your openness has not gone unrecognized and you distinguish yourself in this way. Don’t ever change.”


Express Limited
Fauxever Florals


LisaLeigh Cosmetics

Pierre Cardin

RJR Apparel


Financial Services
Allenby Specialty Finance LLC

AQR Capital Management

Chase Manhattan Bank

Citibank Private Bank

Citibank Group

Chemical Bank

Deutsche Bank/Smith Barney

First USA Bank

Federale (South Africa)


Odeon Capital LLC
Skellig Capital LLC
The Associates

Consumer Goods
Delsey Luggage

Great Lakes Beverage Corp.


Pepsi-Cola Company

Spectrum Flower Trading

Earthkind Solar

Electriq Solar

First Virtual Inc.

GlobalGate Inc.
Hayes Microcomputer
HMS Technology

Jusnano Inc.

IBM Corp.


Phillips Lighting
Rank Xerox Limited

3M Corporation

Allstate Insurance Company
Medspan Health Insurance




Ciba Geigy SA

Pfizer SA





Rennies Consolidated Shipping (SA)



Chandrika Tandon-Soul Chants Music


Madison Square Garden/Retail
NFL Properties inc-Superbowl logos

Quest Sports Travel

The Karos Hotel Group
The Amsterdam Restaurant

Zanzibar Restaurant


Real Estate

BFC Partners

Hannah Real Estate

MetroTech Center (Forest City Ratner)

Olympia & York (USA) Ltd.

Rainbow Realty Group

Turner Construction Company


Owens Corning Fibreglas

SASOL (South African Oil & Gas Corporation)

Union Carbide Corporation-Linde Division



ID/Magazine of International Design

Simon & Schuster

Sunjay Venkatesh

U.S. Game Systems, Inc.


Advertising/Creative/Public Relations

Andrea Rubin Public Relations

Bluetooth Creative Group

Grey Advertising

Jeff Harris Photography

Chris Collins Photography

Robin Joy Apparel

Sacco & Watt Photography

Stanton Public Relations



UNFPA/United Nations Population Fund

UJA/United Jewish Appeal

BeNatural- Environmental Awareness

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