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DICHOTOMY  On the one hand, or on the other... It’s not what’s right, it’s what’s left, OR it’s not what’s left, it’s what’s right. Persistent binary questions we ask ourselves.

After many years of working as a graphic designer and immersing myself into this endless dialogue of opposing forces and  teaching the principles of design and the creative process at New York University, I decided to consolidate and expand upon some workshop presentations on the subject into this book.

There are many images which can be interpreted as something else. This book explores how that concept may be manipulated both literally and metaphorically via visual semiotics. How opposing forces can visually manifest into icons, indexes and symbols. How visual meaning is constructed and understood inherently and cross-culturally, and question if and at what point the essence that signifies the intended message is conveyed.  
© Clive Jacobson 2021

"Clive Jacobson is a genius marrying image with concept and design. I predict this book will be a required textbook for future students in graphic design or anyone interested in getting their message across
emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually out there."

                                                                                 Robin Joy Riggsbee, RJR Designs


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