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Kumbh & The Holy Men

Photography and Stories by Sunjay Venkatesh. hardcover and e-book.
Designed Jacobson. Published



Kumbh Mela – The greatest spiritual event on planet Earth where millions of people gather on the auspicious day to take a dip in the holy river. It is believed that bathing in the holy river during Kumbh Mela will wash away sins and help attain salvation.

The real stars of Kumbh Mela are the Yogis and Sadhus (Holy Men). They do get superstar reception and adulation. Of all the Sadhus, Naga Sadhus get unique distinction as warrior ascetics. Naga Sadhus are a particular group of saints who reside in the Himalayan caves and come to visit the civilization only during the Kumbh Mela. Naga Sadhus are ferocious, remain completely naked and smear their bodies with sacred ash. 


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