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A green corporation inspired by United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #6 - Clean Water and Sanitation - that works to ensure the availability of sustainable clean water for all.  


The mission of Amplify the Drop is specific focus on providing sustainable water sources for underserved communities.

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JusNano Inc,


JusNano Inc., is a scientific high-tech research and development corporation focused on improving energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Markus Koch/Wall Street


Markus Koch is an award-winning Capital Markets Reporter for the Cologne based news network n-tv and is president  of New York based Wall Street Correspondents, The production company focuses on a wide range of financial markets content mainly for the German language market.

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Lisa Leigh Design Group


Branding for Lisa Leigh Cosmetics included this website landing page design-under progress.
Visit site.

Robin Joy -Artist


Branding and website for the illustrator Robin Joy Riggsbee



Branding for OnSidestreets- a web portal based in New England introducing items of interest 'off

the beaten track'. In progress.

Elisheva Salon


Web design proposal for a bespoke wig designer and hair salon based in New Jersey.

Coaching for Life


Website design for a Life Coach, based in Sante Cruz, California. In progress.

Bluetooth Creative


Branding for Bluetooth Creative, an advertising agency based in New York.

At right is a proposed application to their website landing page utilizing a 'mind-mapping' background which illustrates the creative process agencies explore when analysing their marketing strategy 

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